Billy Corgan Is Selling Guitar For $1 Million

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is selling his Gibson Les Paul Special 1994 Faded Silverburst for $999,000 on Reverb. Shipping though only costs $40. Buyers are also welcome to ‘make an offer.’

The item is described as, “This is a priceless piece of history. We are taking your best offer into account to find the right buyer.

This Gibson Les Paul Special is from the private collection of Billy Corgan.

According to Corgan, this was the main guitar in an arsenal of Les Pauls used during the Machina era. This being Billy’s top pick at that time, this instrument can be heard all over the tracks on that album from the opening notes of “The Everlasting Gaze,” through the rhythm tracks of “Age Of Innocence.” It played all of the solos and most everything else. It was also taken on the road as one of the main guitars for the subsequent tours after the album release, so it’s seen more than its fair share of stage time.

You’ll first notice the missing pickup selector switch, something common to all of Corgan’s LP Specials. He had the neck pickup bypassed and the switch removed on all of them. This is distinguished by a sticker of Jim Morrison. This guitar also has a handful of nasty gashes the dug into the wood on the side of the body near the pickguard. Other than that, it has minimal wear, with pickguard scratches, pickup casing rub, and hardware that has lost its luster.

The bridge pickup sounds great, with working electronics. The neck pickup, as noted, has been intentionally bypassed and the pickup selector switch removed. The fingerboard plays cleanly in all positions.”

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